An  active and creative stay in a stunning environment

Guided by two artists, Marie Calmet et Pat von Essen, the six days workshop offers a creative adventure through which danse and printmaking enrich each other. Bringing together the visual arts and movement to stimulate each person's creativity, and to nourish body and soul in harmony.

We will draw inspiration, rhythm and material from surrounding nature. 

This discovery and instructional workshop is accessible to all. (available in two languages  French/English)

Dance practice is the fountain of youth, well being and a path to personal development. The proposed technique : Primitive Expression is from Katherine Dunham's  contemporary African-American dance school and is based on rhythm, symbolic gesture and voice.
This dance wakes up life's motivation and helps to connect to one's pinnacles. To express the potentials and capacities in all life's fields: physical, intellectual, artistic and relationships. 

Printmaking that is in, with and about nature through various techniques enables us to take a closer look at what is around us and and to transcribe it on paper. Putting it simply, printmaking is about leaving an imprint. Its versatility makes it a mean of artistic expression of an endless richness. The techniques discussed during the course which are related to collagraphy are contemporary and conducive to experimentation. It is a journey through material, textures, tones and colors where drawing skills are not essential. Serendipity and surprise give some kind of magic to this artistic practice. Imperfection  is part of it : everyone can feel confident in expressing oneself, letting go of prejudices. 

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In these exceptional surroundings, it is an active and creative stay with the purpose of well being, an opportunity to unwind, while living fulfilling, rewarding and happy moments. 

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The lodge  La Ferme Ouverte    welcomes you to this workshop. Surrounded by forests, walking and dancing paths and the breathtaking scenery of the Pyrenees mountains, it is a place in perfect symbiosis with its environment including quality organic food served by  Stéphane and Caroline, our charming hosts.

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